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Green Lodging Solutions has been supplying hospitality, university and military institutions energy management equipment for the over 15 years.

Green Lodging Solutions provides payback of our product simply through HVAC run-time savings, but our thermostat network goes far beyond that. Here are a few of the robust features that our networks provide, which is not only invaluable information to your staff, but also to your ROI (Return On Investment):

Cuts room HVAC runtimes by 40% on average*, and typically pays for itself in 12-18 months** with utility rebates covering up to 100% of costs*

Notify authorized staff and GLS of HVAC issues PER ROOM prior to guest complaint and/or Check In.

Make changes of room temps, heat/cool or fan speeds from internet device, phone/computer

Room Too Hot notice (assures no issues with mold/mildew) – Room Too Cold (avoid pipe freeze/rupture)

Excessive Run-Time Warnings (dirty filters)

Non-Running Unit Warnings/Thermostat Off

Identifies Inadvertent “Heat” setting in summer or “Cool” in the winter

Identifies doors open (sliding windows, doors, etc) and turn off HVAC to save money.

Identifies Top units running in hotel  (if replacing units intermittently)

Identifies Top non-running units

Identifies if room is vacant without knock on door (turnover rooms earlier)

Little to Zero Rewiring (Existing Cable or WiFi)

There are many other data fields that can be added to increase productivity and decrease staff time too. Our owners quickly realize that the insurance we provide in avoiding significant repair costs for the issues mentioned above (such as mold/mildew infestation or freezing pipes) is not only a great peace of mind but true bottom line cost savings.

We have staff based in Florida, California, New York and Hawaii. We have hundreds of installations throughout the US and would be happy to visit a property with you or provide references along with cost savings reports at your request.

*CTUl Stats vary from market to market. Some states have 25% to 100% rebates.
**Geo-Climate varies results

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