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While social determinants have been shown to have a major impact on health and wellness, Mayfield, Ball, Tillery, et al, noted that health disparities faced by the LGBTQ community are at least in part due to poor access to care and insufficient provider training.

Source: Mayfield, J. J., Ball, E. M., Tillery, K. A., Crandall, C., Dexter, J., Winer, J. M., … & Ashraf, K. (2017). Beyond men, women, or both: a comprehensive, LGBTQ-inclusive, implicit-bias-aware, standardized-patient-based sexual history taking curriculum. MedEdPORTAL, 13.
CEO and Holistic Health Strategist 
Stephanie M. Freeman, MSN-Ed, RN
Kaleidoscope Healthcare Communications, LLC is the ONLY black nurse-owned healthcare firm dedicated to improving the patient-provider relationship through SOGI affirming and inclusive communication skills training, and content designed to improve the health of LGBTQ communities of color.

Our Vision

It is the vision of Kaleidoscope Healthcare Communications, LLC to elevate the physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of black LGBTQ people, and to be a trailblazer in affirming and inclusive care given by medical professionals.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Kaleidoscope Healthcare Communications, LLC to improve the health and wellbeing of black sexual orientation and gender identity groups by strengthening the patient- provider relationship and healthcare delivery across the lifespan through our signature program The C.O.L.O.R of Inclusive Communication™: Cultural Sensitivity Training for Healthcare Professionals and LGBTQ Communities of Color, and other targeted content to improve access to care and health disparities in this vulnerable minority population.

Our Core Values

Advocacy for the creation of inclusive healthcare environments for sexual orientation and gender identity patient groups.
Sensitivity to the holistic health needs of people of color who identify as LGBTQ
Inclusivity: We are committed to improving the physical, emotional, and spiritual health needs of those who identify as LGBTQ through education, empowerment, affirmation, and inclusion in the establishment of open, honest, trustworthy, collaborative patient-provider relationships.
Empowerment of healthcare professionals and LGBTQ patients across the continuum of care regarding health disparities and the unique health needs of people of color in sexual orientation and gender identity groups.

Hello from your Chief Executive Officer 
Stephanie M. Freeman, MSN-Ed, RN

With more than 30 years of experience as a registered nurse, I am a seasoned healthcare professional with a broad range of both clinical and non- clinical experience. In those 30+ years, I have travelled through many specialties that have laid the foundation of my nursing path to entrepreneurship including Med-Surg, Neuro, Emergency Services, Home Health, Correctional Health, Case Management, and now Telehealth. My extensive experience is the source of my superior critical thinking ability and assessment skills which have emboldened me to speak up for the rights and needs of black LGBTQ people whose voice is often silenced double-fold by the fires of oppression and discrimination.

I am a self-professed “late bloomer” who has often described my coming out experience as “traumatic” because I was “dragged out of the closet and humiliated” during a time in which my physical, emotional, and spiritual health were all challenged simultaneously sending me further into the depths of depression and thoughts of suicide. Triumphant Woman Ministries, Inc., the philanthropic arm of Kaleidoscope Healthcare Communications, LLC, was birthed from my own life’s experiences which have been filled with many difficult challenges but also filled with triumph and healing. My desire is to see black women in particular rise triumphantly above life’s difficult circumstances so that they may have quality and healthy lives despite those challenges.

As an ordained Minister and former Associate Pastor, I am also keenly aware of the emotional toll that being a black LGBTQ identified person takes on mental health. The black church in particular can bring a level of religious discrimination and oppression that exponentially increases the internalized homophobia that black LGBTQ people often feel. Having felt that struggle most of my life, it contributed to my inability and fear of revealing who I am to those around me for 42 years because the fear of rejection and further oppression kept me from living in my truth. This experience in particular has given me a unique view of its challenges from both sides of the pulpit, and of my responsibility to advocate for people like me. The convergence of all of who I am as a black lesbian nurse and minister has more than equipped me to speak on the holistic health needs and wellness initiatives for the black LGBTQ community, and I welcome the challenge of being a trailblazer in the healthcare industry in regard to care for our community. It is my passion… and it is my purpose!
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