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Our consulting firm offers various programs designed to improve the health of LGBTQ communities of color including our signature program, The C.O.L.O.R of Communication™: Cultural Sensitivity Training for Healthcare Professionals and LGBTQ Communities of Color. In this flagship program, we provide practical, and non-threatening sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) affirming guidance on how to close the communication gaps that often exist between those who identify as LGBTQ and their healthcare provider(s). We believe that improving communication between providers and LGBTQ communities of color is a critical element in the patient-provider relationship necessary for better access to care and health outcomes for this vulnerable patient population.
We understand that training for medical and nursing professionals related to the assessment and care of the LGBTQ patient is significantly lacking across the entire healthcare industry. We are here to offer content that will significantly improve confidence in caring for the unique holistic health needs of this wonderful community which are as vast as the color palette. LGBTQ people of color will also feel more comfortable interacting with and disclosing pertinent information to their healthcare provider(s) that will open the door to improved trust and greater advocacy for their personal health needs. We look forward to serving you in excellence!
In addition to healthcare discrimination, LGBT individuals also experience a number of health disparities related to higher rates of mental health issues, cancer, physical and emotional violence, obesity, substance use (tobacco, alcohol, and drugs), and HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.
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EVERY public health crisis disproportionately affects the black and black LGBTQ communities
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